Trip to The Nubian Village from Aswan

Cross the River Nile on board a motorboat, to discover the most authentic village in Egypt, Gharb Soheil, where you can see the daily life of the Nubians.

Family friendly trip

$15/$ 30 Children/Adults

Departs Daily; 7 Days a Week

3 hours journey

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Departs Daily

 Scheduled Pickups Available upon Request.

Enjoy the unique opportunity to view the magnificent Colourful Nubian Houses with this Half day trip to the Nubian Village

Duration: 3 hours
Travel Type: Family Friendly
Budget: $ 30
Departure & Return Location:
From hotel and back to hotel
Departure Time: Daily

Visiting The Nubian Village

Once we cross the Nile, and having had the opportunity to swim and relax on a golden beach, the adventure continues on camelback, as we head to our destination: Gharb Soheil, better known as the Nubian Village. Nubia was the part of Africa located between the South of Egypt and the North of Sudan.

You’ll know you’ve reached your destination when you begin to see its unusual coloured houses, its food and spice stalls and the distinctive population: the most authentic in all Egypt.

Details & Itinerary

The Nubian Village Nile Journey

As per request time our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel or Nile cruise in Aswan to sail on the Nile by a motorboat to the Nubian Village that is located on West Bank of the River Nile in Aswan and just opposite to Soheil Island and near the Aswan Dam passing by the First Cataract of Aswan, this fantastic tour to the Nubian Village lets you meet and impact with a Nubian family , meet the Nubian women and men and to learn about their simple life style, culture and traditions and then you be transferred back to your hotel or Nile cruise in Aswan. Your sailing way till the village takes like 45 minutes from Aswan town till Nubia , your motor boat will keep sailing through the different islands which is considered preservations now and protected by law , so shooting an animal or bird is not allowed . Dozens of different kinds of birds are living in this area.


Trip Scedule

Departs Daily

Scheduled Pickups Available upon Request.

Visiting the Nubian Village

Visiting the Nubian Village

Deep down south in Egypt on the West Bank of the Nile, near the city of Aswan, are the most colorful and feel-good villages of the entire country. The Nubian Villages painted in all the colors of the rainbow. To start farming around the Nile.  They have their own unique language that they never teach to an outsider.
Visiting the Nubian Village is a fantastic half-day trip. There are a lot of colorful Nubian villages in Egypt. The one that has been popular among locals and foreign tourists and is 45 minutes by boat from Aswan. Visiting a Nubian village has to be on your Egypt Travel Itinerary.

Your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel or Nile cruise in Aswan to sail on the Nile by motorboat to the Nubian Village that is located on the West Bank of the River Nile in Aswan and just opposite Soheil Island and near the Aswan Dam passing by the First Cataract of Aswan.

Many of the Nubians you’ll find living at either Nubian village were relocated here during the latter half of the twentieth century as the construction of the High Dam in Aswan neared completion.

The construction of the dam essentially meant that the Nubian communities had no option but to move. Today, the Nubians of Elephantine Island inhabit the central portion, which is found between the ruins at one end and the modern luxury hotel at the other. Though some tourists find the stark contrast between the huts at the Nubian village and the luxury amenities a bit disconcerting, the Nubians themselves encourage travelers to walk along their garden paths and to explore their villages.

One word of advice to those who do decide to visit the Nubian village – bring a camera! These are some of the most colorful places you may ever visit. Mounds of spices are sold from a vendor’s table, small colorful dolls are made by another and tiny cafes with boldly colored plates and cups sell traditional Egyptian coffee. The Nubians are known for the kind and gentle ways and for their welcoming attitude. If you are someone who likes to head off of the beaten path, you won’t have to go far when you visit Elephantine Island and its Nubian villages. You can enjoy the rare sites that the historic locations of the island afford, you can pay a visit to the Aswan Museum, and then you can enjoy a cup of tea and purchase some truly lovely handicrafts from the people that inhabit the island.

Remember, these are the remnants of ancient people, and their music, language, and traditions offer you a rare glimpse into another world and even another time. Do keep in mind that Western garments may be unsuitable, and women, in particular, are reminded to dress modestly.

Meet the The Nubians

The Nubians

The Nubians were an ethnic group coming from southern Egypt and northern Sudan, who during the course of history started a number of settlements along the Nile River. They were famous for their horse-riding skills and their impressive marksmanship with bows and arrows. They were generally held in high regard as a strong cavalry force. During the course of history, the Nubians typically blended and merged with the Egyptians during the Pharaonic age. In fact, a number of ancient pharaohs were of Nubian descent, and their legacy has inevitably lived on. These days, there are still several Nubian communities scattered around the country. Many of these small villages have become very popular with tourists nowadays.

Food and drinks at the Nubian Village

Food and drinks at the Nubian Village

Colorful villages are not the only thing Nubians are well known for. Nubian cuisine is popular throughout the entire country.

Trip Inclusions

What is Included

  • A professional English-speaking guide.
  • Motorboat Cost
  • Drinks during the trip
  • All Taxes and fees
Best Times for visiting the Village

Best Time for visiting the Nubian Village

The best Time for this journey is in the early morning or before the sunset.

The Nubian Village journey


Notice: These prices are not valid in New YEAR and Christmas times.

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Frequently asked questions about visiting Egypt

Is it safe to travel to Egypt

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

Egypt is nearly crime-free; as Lonely Planet notes, “The incidence of crime, violent or otherwise, in Egypt is negligible compared with many Western countries, and you’re generally safe walking around day or night.”

Is Abu Simbel worth visiting?

Is Abu Simbel worth visiting?

Absolutely! The temples of Abu Simbel are some of most impressive and unique temples you will see in Egypt, so it is well worth the visit.

Do and do not in Egypt

Do and do not in Egypt

Do respect the monuments archaeological sites are human heritage don’t touch scratch or sit on it. Do dress correctly whilst there is no specific dress code in the cities, women will feel more comfortable if they do not wear shorts or have their shoulders uncovered.

What do female tourists wear in Egypt

What do female tourists wear in Egypt?

Pants, Capris, Leggings, and Shorts Basically, as long as your knees are covered, you are good. So whether you choose pants or capris, you will feel comfortable and remain respectful. Local women wear long pants or skirts; however, I wore capris a couple of days with no issues.

What is the best Nile cruise in Egypt

What is the best Nile cruise in Egypt?

M/S Mayfair Cruise. Mövenpick Royal Lily Cruise. Mövenpick Royal Lotus Cruise. Ms. Concerto Nile Cruise Princess Sarah Nile Cruise Sonesta Moon Goddess. Oberoi Philae Nile Cruise. Oberoi Zahra Nile Cruise. Sonesta Star Goddess Cruises. M/S Esplanade Cruise. Nile Goddess Cruise.

What are the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt

What are the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt?

Egypt has so much for travelers to see and do, it’s the perfect country for a mix of activities combining culture, adventure, and relaxation. Find the best places to visit with our list of the top tourist attractions in Egypt.
  1. Pyramids of Giza
  2. Valley of the kings
  3. Luxor’s Karnak Temple
  4. The Egyptian Museum
  5. Christian and Islamic Cairo
  6. The White Desert and Baharyia Oasis
  7. Siwa Oasis
  8. Abu simbel Temples
  9. Aswan
  10. Alexandria
  11. St. Catherine’s Monastery
  12. The Nubian village
  13. Nile River Cruise
  14. Hurghada
  15. South of Sinai

Why is Abu Simbel famous?

Why is Abu Simbel famous?

It was dedicated to the gods Amun, Ra-Horakhty, and Ptah, as well as to the deified Ramesses himself. It is generally considered the grandest and most beautiful of the temples commissioned during the reign of Ramesses II, and one of the most beautiful in Egypt.

What are the best tours in Luxor?

How far is the white desert from Cairo?

How far is the white desert from Cairo?

about 370 km Located in the Farafra depression, a small section of Egypt’s vast the Western Desert, the White Desert is located about 370 km south-west of Cairo

Where is the white desert?

Where is the white desert?

Egypt White Desert National Park is a national park in Egypt, first established as a protected area in 2002. It is located in the Farafra depression, 45 km north of the town of Farafra. Part of the park is in the Farafra Oasis (New Valley Governorate).

What are the best tours to Al Fayoum?

What are the best tours to Al Fayoum?

The best ways to experience Al-Fayoum (Faiyum) are: Day Tour to El Fayoum Oasis and Wadi al Rayan Explore Fayoum Oasis and modawara mountain ( sand-board ) Full-Day Fayoum Oasis and Waterfalls of Wadi El-Rayan Tour from Cairo Fayoum oasis Whales valley & Waterfalls day tour See all Al-Fayoum (Faiyum) experiences

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