Christian and Islamic Old Cairo Tour

Trip to The ancient fortress of Babylon, The Hanging Church, and the Citadel of Saladin

Discover the best of Cairo tours visiting the ancient churches and Roman fortresses in Coptic Cairo, plus tour the medieval fortification of Saladin, and browse authentic Egyptian market stalls in the Islamic quarter on this Christian and islamic old cairo tour.



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Enjoy the best of Cairo tours with this one day Trip to The ancient fortress of Babylon, The Hanging Church, and the Citadel of Saladin

Duration: 1 Day Trip
Travel Type: Family Friendly
Budget: $60
Departure & Return Location:
From hotel and back to hotel
Departure Time: Daily Whenever you want

Cairo Day Tour

Discover the best of Cairo tours visiting the ancient churches and Roman fortresses in Coptic Cairo, plus tour the medieval fortification of Saladin, and browse authentic Egyptian market stalls in the Islamic quarter on this Cairo Day Tour.

Christian and Islamic old Cairo Tour

Citadel of Saladin

The Hanging Church

The fortress of Babylon

Departing after breakfast set out to explore the ancient and historical sites of Coptic Cairo, the erstwhile stronghold of Christianity in Egypt. Here visit the ancient fortress of Babylon and the famous Hanging Church, one of the oldest and most beautiful Christian churches in all of Egypt. Dating back to the 3rd century, the church is built into the southern wall of the Roman fortress and features a beautifully decorated nave, marble columns, and numerous reliefs and religious icons. Also visit the Church of St Sergius, which is alleged to be built on top of the cave where Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus hid after fleeing to Egypt.
Hidden amidst the modern sprawl of Cairo is the next stop, the Islamic quarter. Founded in the 10th century, this was once the center of the Islamic world and is now home to 600 classified monuments. Here we visit the citadel of Saladin, a medieval fortification built at the end of the 12th century. Set atop Mokattam Hill, the historical site boasts museums, mosques – including the famous Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali – and spectacular views of the city below. End the tour with some shopping at Khan el Khalili Market and a perfumed oil emporium, where you can purchase some genuine Egyptian gifts or souvenirs.

Old Cairo tour Inclusions

1. private guide

A professional Egyptologist private guide to Cairo and the Nile cruise

2. Entrance tickets

All entrance fees are included

3. Transportation

All transportation in destination location with air conditioned vehicles

4. Bottled water

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Old Cairo Tour highlights

  • We offer the best of Cairo tours with this one-day trip to The ancient fortress of Babylon, The Hanging Church, and the Citadel of Saladin with a Highly qualified private tour guide. All Transportations with air-conditioned vehicles
  • A private trip to Cairo will take you back to the early Christian & Islamic times
  • The Cairo tour price includes transfer from Cairo airport or hotel and back.

Trip to The ancient fortress of Babylon, The Hanging Church, and the Citadel of Saladin

Old Cairo Tour

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Library of Alexandria

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Saqqara is an Egyptian village in Giza Governorate, that’s world-widely known for its vast, ancient burial ground of Egyptians kings and royals, serving as the necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Saqqara contains numerous pyramids, including the world-famous Step pyramid of Djoser, sometimes referred to as the Step Tomb, and a number of mastaba tombs. Located some 30 km (19 mi) south of modern-day Cairo, Saqqara covers an area of around 7 by 1.5 km (4.3 by 0.9 mi).

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The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

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Frequently asked questions about visiting Cairo Egypt

Is Cairo safe to visit?

Generally speaking, Egypt is a safe country to visit, especially if you’re going to the cities most frequented by tourists, such as Cairo, Alexandria, or the resort towns around the Red Sea.

Is it safe to visit the Pyramids?

Definitely safe to explore Cairo and visit the pyramids, especially while being accompanied with your guide.

Here are some of the best tours to Pyramids:

Cairo day tour

Christian & Islamic Cairo


How can I obtain my Visa to visit Egypt?

Visitors and travelers to Egypt are required to carry a passport valid for at least six months from their arrival date. However, in an effort to revitalize tourism in Egypt the following nationalities can purchase a 1-month entry visa on arrival. The Nationalities that benefit from the aforementioned exception are Australia, Canada, Croatia, the European Union, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, South Korea, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and The U.S.A. The Process for acquiring these entry visas is extremely simple and only takes a mere couple of minutes through any bank window before proceeding to customs.

Do I have to wear a hijab in Egypt?

Wrapping your head up, hijab style is not required in Egypt. However, you will find, if you make an effort to cover your head, that the locals are appreciative.

Is Alexandria worth visiting?

If you happen to find yourself in Cairo and have one more day to spare, Alexandria in Egypt is worth a visit. Unlike Giza, it does not have momentous monuments like the Pyramids to show for, but it does have a great waterfront view and is a refuge from the chaos of downtown Cairo.

Is it safe to travel to Alexandria?

Is it safe to travel to Alexandria?

Alexandria is somewhat safe and although there is some crime in this city, it’s mostly petty crime and rarely violent. Pickpockets are a problem in Egypt’s major cities, like Alexandria. When it comes to violent crime, it is rare, and you shouldn’t worry too much about being mugged or robbed.

What are the best tours and activities in Alexandria?

These experiences are best for tours in Alexandria:

Private Guided Full-Day Tour to Alexandria from Cairo
2 Nights Tours Luxor, Aswan, Hot Air Balloon & Abu Simbel by Plane from Cairo
See more tours in Alexandria

How far is the white desert from Cairo?

about 370 km

Located in the Farafra depression, a small section of Egypt’s vast the Western Desert, the White Desert is located about 370 km south-west of Cairo

Where is the white desert?


White Desert National Park is a national park in Egypt, first established as a protected area in 2002. It is located in the Farafra depression, 45 km north of the town of Farafra. Part of the park is in the Farafra Oasis (New Valley Governorate).

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