Cairo tour Packages

Cairo Tour Packages

Discover the best Cairo tour Packages

Are you looking for Cairo Tour Packages ? Do you need to plan your Cairo Tour Package ? we can help you to do this easily. Our Cairo City Breaks provide two to five day itineraries visiting the best attractions in Cairo Egypt.

Our travel experts give you the chance to experience all around Cairo with our amazing Cairo Tour Packages , most of our travel packages are offered with a private tour guide. Our Cairo Tour Packages suit any taste, We offer classic tours of Ancient Egypt with Nile cruises, city tours, diving holidays, and adventures in the desert. Browse our Egypt Tour Packages now and pick your favourite one! There are countless things to do and see in Cairo Egypt. we will take you to The Pyramids of Giza , The Egyptian Museum, The Sphinx , Memphis and Sakkara Tour. Citadel and Old Cairo , Day Trip to Luxor from Cairo by Air. Overnight Tour to Luxor from Cairo by Flight ! Moreover, Book now your Cairo tour Package with us.

Our Cairo Tours and travel packages give you the chance to experience the countless tours of Cairo Egypt with our well-selected exclusive Cairo travel packages. We are offering a wide range of tours to Egypt that suits any taste, mixing classic tours of Ancient Egypt with Nile cruises, city tours, diving holidays, and adventures in the desert.

We give you the chance to enjoy Cairo Excursions to the most attractive destinations in Egypt, we have a variety of tours Packages from Cairo . Some of our tour packages in Cairo you almost cannot afford to miss include tours to Egypt Desert and oases, Fayoum, Baharyia, Siwa oasis The Pyramids Of Medium.
Nile cruise Packages and Abu Simbel from Cairo , you’ll find that Cairo Excursions and Day tours have plenty to offer.

Cairo Egypt tours have become the first choice for many travelers all around the globe. The ideal itinerary to really enjoy an Egypt tour and to discover its charms is to combine a stopover in Cairo followed by a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan. Add on if required an excursion to Abu Simbel. Cruises are available for all tastes and budgets. Should you wish to relax after all that, consider a few days at a Red Sea resort to complete your Egypt travel .

Cairo tours will give you the chance to experience all that Egypt has to offer with our well-selected exclusive private or group Cairo Egypt travel packages. We are offering a wide range of tours to Egypt from Cairo that suits any taste, mixing classic tours of Ancient Egypt with Nile cruises, city tours, diving holidays, and adventures in the desert.

With our Cairo tour packages, every traveler will experience a simple and efficient manner of booking mesmerizing Nile cruises, the best tours in Egypt & travel packages, and highly affordable vacations to Egypt accompanied with the finest service, comfort, and sense of safety through all the incredible destinations of Egypt such as the land of wonders Cairo, the mythical golden lands of Luxor & Aswan, the tropical gem of the red sea Hurghada, the pearl of the Mediterranean Alexandria, the holy land of Sinai, and the heavenly Egyptian Sahara desert. So contact us and enjoy the finest holiday that will offer the greatest sense of belonging and enlightenment in your life of very traveler through ancient religions and cultures, majestic architecture, colossal monuments, and enchanting visual & spiritual wealth that are ready to be explored by all of you.

Tour Packages in Cairo Egypt :

Our Cairo Tour Packages are designed for a stopover or a long weekend in Cairo. You will be able to  make the most of a short trip to Egypt. Enjoy privately guided trips to the Giza Pyramids, Islamic Cairo, Cairo’s Citadel and many more sites from ancient, medieval and modern Cairo history.

Within Cairo, We offer a wide range of Cairo tours for you to see the city and other neighboring cities: such as Alexandria or Luxor . All our Cairo tours can be private or you can join a small group. our Cairo day tours start everyday and are fully customisable.

Tailor- made Cairo package:

You can custom your tour package with us send your request , which attractions you wish to see in Cairo , you will get reply within some minutes

With countless experiences to live and a lot of wonders to see in Cairo Egypt, check our Cairo vacation packages now and pick your favorite one and what suits your taste:

Best Recommended Cairo Tours Packages :

1- 2 Days tour Package in Cairo

2- Best of Cairo and Giza – 2 Days tour

3. Cairo and Luxor By Train in 6 days: Prices starting from $950.

4. 10 Days in Egypt with Nile Cruise: Prices starting from $1550.

5. Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, and Luxor Package: Prices starting from $1700.

6. Abu Simbel Sun Festival: Prices starting from $1800.

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10 Days, $1550/person

10 Days in Egypt with Nile cruise

Embark on a five star Egyptian adventure. Stay in one of Cairo hotels , cruise the Nile River in a 5 star Nile cruise and be expertly guided by a professional Egyptologist private guide for Cairo and your entire stay.


By Van

Family Friendly

Abu Simbel sun festival

10 Days, $1800/person

Abu Simbel Sun Festival

Add an extra special element to your Egyptian holiday by combining it with the magical Abu Simbel Sun Festival. Pyramids and Sphinx, cruise sailing on the Nile, the Valley of the Kings, and energetic Cairo all in 10 fun-filled days!


By van

Family Friendly

Cairo tour

6 Days, $950/person

Cairo and Luxor by train in 6 days

A compact breakaway that showcases the very best of ancient Egypt. Taking in the major highlights of Cairo and Luxor. From the legendary Pyramids of Giza and Egyptian Museum to the tomb strewn Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

Cairo & Luxor, Egypt

By van

Family Friendly

Felucca sailing

12 Days, $1700/person

Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, and Luxor

Join this 12 day Egypt travel package taking in all the key sights of Egypt from tomb strewn Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, felucca sailing on the Nile or the nile cruise and the epic Pyramids of Giza as well as touring Mediterranean Alexandria and the Commonwealth War Graves of El Alamein.

Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, and Luxor

Family Friendly

By Van

Cairo Private Tour Packages

Book our Cairo tour packages and witness one of the world’s greatest megacities of Egypt. Cairo packages will provide you with the perfect opportunity to to disccover Cairo Egypt and the regions around it.

Cairo Day tours, travel packages, Nile river cruises, and Family-friendly tours all tailor-made

Booking Egypt day tours can’t be easier, only choose a city name to search by and all Egypt tours of this city will appear to you in a few easy steps. Egyptouring offers Egypt tours and Egypt tourist attractions according to the best destinations in Egypt and also the best things to do in Egypt.

General Tips about Travelling in Egypt:

  • Arabic is the official language, English is widely used as second language.
  • Learn some Arabic words like Shokran, Mn Fadlak.
  • Always wear comfortable shoes.
  • Buy a local SIM card.
  • The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound, The value of the Pound is effectively fixed at the rate of 0.064 LE to 1 USD, Credit cards are widely used in Egypt.
  • Try the famous Egyptian food like “Fool”, Egyptian beans, and “Koshary”, a traditional Egyptian pasta dish.
  • Try Kebab and Kofta, the Egyptian traditional meat dish
  • Stay Hydrated at all times especially during the summer in Egypt.
  • Friday and Saturday are the official holidays in Egypt.
  • The metro is one of the fastest ways to travel from one place to another within Cairo.
  • Keep our tour Guide by your side to fully enjoy your time in Egypt.

Highlights Of Egypt:

  • Explore the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and valley temple which belongs to king Chephren.
  • Admire the wonders of ancient history at the Egyptian Museum.
  • Shop at Khan El Khalili Bazaar’s enchanting markets in old Cairo.
  • Behold the holy Islamic & Coptic attractions in Old Cairo.
  • Feel the grandeur of Luxor within its majestic temples & tombs.
  • See Luxor temple, Hatshepsut temple, Valley of the Kings and Karnak temple in Luxor.
  • Witness the great Philae and Abu Simbel temples in Aswan.
  • Board a soulful Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan or vice versa.
  • Discover the Natural Allure of Egyptian oases like Siwa or Bahariya Oasis.
  • Swim, Dive, and snorkel in Hurghada or cities situated on the Red Sea.
  • Dive or snorkel in Sinai or cities situated on the Red Sea.
  • Visit the Saint Catherine Monastery in Sinai.

Library of Alexandria

Alexandria Royal library was the first public governmental library in the world history, and was not as the ex-libraries in Egypt which were exclusive only for the pharaohs and the priests, it was said that Alexandria old  library contained more than 700,000 different old books, so it was also the biggest library in all the world at that time, it was working not only as a library but also as a university where students were going to study.
Alexandria Library, one of the amazing Alexandria tourist attractions and Bastet Travel offer you the opportunity to visit it with a wide variety of Egypt tour packages mixed by Nile cruise, check them and choose your dream vacation now!!!


Saqqara is an Egyptian village in Giza Governorate, that’s world-widely known for its vast, ancient burial ground of Egyptians kings and royals, serving as the necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Saqqara contains numerous pyramids, including the world-famous Step pyramid of Djoser, sometimes referred to as the Step Tomb, and a number of mastaba tombs. Located some 30 km (19 mi) south of modern-day Cairo, Saqqara covers an area of around 7 by 1.5 km (4.3 by 0.9 mi).

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

This famous museum houses the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyption artifacts (more than 120,000 items on display) featuring the famous Tutankhamun collection with its beautiful gold death mask and sarcophagus and the royal Mummy room, which houses an additional eleven Pharaonic dignitaries.

Frequently asked questions about visiting Cairo Egypt

Is it safe to travel to Egypt

Egypt is nearly crime-free; as Lonely Planet notes, “The incidence of crime, violent or otherwise, in Egypt is negligible compared with many Western countries, and you’re generally safe walking around day or night.”

Is Egypt Safe for Americans to Travel to?

We get this question a lot at Bastet Travel In short, Americans and other visitors can rest easy: yes, Egypt is a safe country for tourists. And the rest of the world seems to agree — after years of middling numbers, tourism in Egypt is steadily rising towards its former highs, hosting over 9 million sightseers in 2018. The longer answer is worth exploring, though, and we have some assurances to offer all our clients who join us on all of our Egypt Travel Packages.

Is it safe to visit the Pyramids?

Definitely safe to explore Cairo and visit the pyramids, especially while being accompanied with your guide.

Here are some of the best tours to Pyramids:

Cairo day tour

Christian & Islamic Cairo


What are the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt?

Egypt has so much for travelers to see and do, it’s the perfect country for a mix of activities combining culture, adventure, and relaxation. Find the best places to visit with our list of the top tourist attractions in Egypt.

  1. Pyramids of Giza
  2. Valley of the kings
  3. Luxor’s Karnak Temple
  4. The Egyptian Museum
  5. Christian and Islamic Cairo
  6. The White Desert and Baharyia Oasis
  7. Siwa Oasis
  8. Abu simbel Temples
  9. Aswan
  10. Alexandria
  11. St. Catherine’s Monastery
  12. The Nubian village
  13. Nile River Cruise
  14. Hurghada
  15. South of Sinai

How Much will I have to pay as a deposit

The fixed deposit amount is 25% of the tours total price Except for Egypt Christmas tours, new years and other peak seasons where the deposit goes up to 50%.

What is the best Nile cruise in Egypt?

M/S Mayfair Cruise.

Mövenpick Royal Lily Cruise.

Mövenpick Royal Lotus Cruise.

Ms. Concerto Nile Cruise

Princess Sarah Nile Cruise

Sonesta Moon Goddess.

Oberoi Philae Nile Cruise.

Oberoi Zahra Nile Cruise.

Sonesta Star Goddess Cruises.
M/S Esplanade Cruise.
Nile Goddess Cruise.

What to Do and do not in Egypt?

Do respect the monuments archaeological sites are human heritage don’t touch scratch or sit on it. Do dress correctly whilst there is no specific dress code in the cities, women will feel more comfortable if they do not wear shorts or have their shoulders uncovered.

What do female tourists wear in Egypt?

Pants, Capris, Leggings, and Shorts

Basically, as long as your knees are covered, you are good. So whether you choose pants or capris, you will feel comfortable and remain respectful. Local women wear long pants or skirts; however, I wore capris a couple of days with no issues.

How Much does an Egypt vacation package cost?

Starting from only $950, a package is your passport to inexpensive travel. Custom build your Egypt trip by choosing from our comprehensive range of airfares, hotels, and rental cars.

What is the best time to visit Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is from September through to April. Christmas, New Year and Easter are also very popular times to visit, so it’s wise to book early.

How many days are enough to visit Egypt?

If you make the trek out to the Red Sea, plan to spend at least 2 full days there in order to get the most out of the journey. So if you tack on the Red Sea, that means you’ll be in Egypt for about 7-8 days total at least. Anywhere from 5-8 days is pretty typical for trips to Egypt, even all the way from North America.

Is it a common practice to give tips in Egypt?

Service charges are by default included in the bill when dining in a restaurant. However, these fees go to the restaurant and not the waiters. Knowing this it is advisable and courteous to directly tip the servers with an additional 10 %.

How can I obtain my Visa to visit Egypt?

Visitors and travelers to Egypt are required to carry a passport valid for at least six months from their arrival date. However, in an effort to revitalize tourism in Egypt the following nationalities can purchase a 1-month entry visa on arrival. The Nationalities that benefit from the aforementioned exception are Australia, Canada, Croatia, the European Union, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, South Korea, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and The U.S.A. The Process for acquiring these entry visas is extremely simple and only takes a mere couple of minutes through any bank window before proceeding to customs.
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