Sharm el sheikh

Surrounded by a crystal-clear, deep-blue sea and a breath-taking desert landscape, Sharm El Sheikh occupies a prime position devoting itself solely to sun-and-sea holidays offering a family-friendly vibe and resort comforts, with world-class diving thrown in. Sharm el-Sheikh has developed into one of the most popular holiday destinations in Egypt.

Diverse marine life and hundreds of Red Sea coral reef sites make Sharm El Sheikh a magnet for divers and eco-tourists. Sharm el-sheikh is far more than just a resort town, it is also an ideal spot to discover real Egyptian culture and to travel to the neighbouring historic sites such as the renowned Mount Sinai.

This article contains information about visiting Sharm el sheikh Egypt including:

Sharm el-sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is a resort town on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, the area was occupied from 1967 to 1982 by the Israelis, who began building the town as a tourist destination. Its development as such continued after being returned to Egypt.

Sharm el-Sheikh was uninhabited throughout most of historical time due to its prohibitive climate, but it gained modern importance because of its strategic situation commanding the narrow entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba.

The area’s clear water and extensive coral reefs have made Sharm el-Sheikh a popular site for snorkeling and scuba diving. The city’s proximity to several prominent Middle Eastern countries and its luxurious accommodations have made it an attractive location for a number of international peace conferences, gaining Sharm el-Sheikh special recognition from UNESCO as a city of peace.

Among Egyptians and many visitors, the name of the city is commonly shortened to “Sharm” , which is its common name in the Egyptian slang. The name is also sometimes written as Sharm el-Cheikh, Sharm el-Sheik in English.

Its population is approximately 53,658 as of 2021. Sharm El Sheikh is the administrative hub of Egypt’s South Sinai Governorate, which includes the smaller coastal towns of Dahab and Nuweiba as well as the mountainous interior, St. Catherine and Mount Sinai. The city and holiday resort is a significant centre for tourism in Egypt, while also attracting many international conferences and diplomatic meetings.

Sharm el-sheikh

Climate of Sharm el sheikh

The city experiences a subtropical arid climate. Temperatures are just short of a tropical climate. Typical temperatures range from 18 to 23 °C (64 to 73 °F) in January and 33 to 37 °C (91 to 99 °F) in August. The temperature of the Red Sea in this region ranges from 21 to 28 °C (70 to 82 °F) over the course of the year.
Marsa Alam, Kosseir and Sharm el-Sheikh have the warmest winter night temperatures of cities and resorts in Egypt.
The highest recorded temperature was 46 °C (115 °F) on June 3, 2013, and the lowest recorded temperature was 5 °C (41 °F) on February 23, 2000.

Tourism in Sharm el sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh’s major industry is foreign and domestic tourism, owing to its landscape, year-round dry climate with long hot summers and warm winters and its long beaches. Its waters are clear and calm for most of the year and have become popular for various watersports, particularly recreational scuba diving and snorkeling. There is scope for scientific tourism due to the diversity of marine life: 250 different coral reefs and 1000 species of fish.
These natural resources, together with its proximity to tourist markets in Europe, have stimulated rapid growth in tourism in the region. The number of resorts has increased from three in 1982 to ninety-one in 2000.

There is nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh. The colorful handicraft stands of the local Bedouin culture are a popular attraction. Ras Mohammed, at the southernmost tip of the peninsula, has been designated a national park, protecting the area’s wildlife, natural landscape, shoreline and coral reef. There are a number of international restaurants and hotels in Sharm, in the area known as Naama Bay, with golf courses and other leisure facilities further up the coast.

Sharm el sheikh airport

Sharm El-Sheikh international airport is considered to be the second  major airport in Egypt after Cairo airport. The airport has approximately 10 million passenger traffic yearly. The airport is located in the heart of the resort area just near the Red Sea coast.

The airport is located in 18 kilometers (11 miles) northeast from the city of Sharm El Sheikh. The airport serves for the major recreation area of Egypt including dozens of hotels along the seaside.

The Sharm El Sheikh airport dispatches regular flights to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, different cities of the Europe and the Middle East. However the main air traffic consists of the season charter flights from the Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavian and Baltic countries, Russia and CIS countries. The infrastructure of the airport has been constantly improved in order to increase the passenger services quality.

Sharm El Sheikh Airport phone number:
calling from Egypt (069) 360 1140
calling abroad +20 69 360 1140

What to do in Sharm el sheikh?

There are numerous places to visit in Sharm El Sheikh. The most popular attraction at Sharm El Sheikh is the sea itself, with all its beautiful and exotic marine wildlife that people around the world dive in to see for their own eyes. Vibrant and colorful coral reefs are scattered throughout the Red Sea floor. Schools of fish of all sorts of colors and figures swim lively in swarms, providing an unforgettable sight under the sea.

Sharm El Sheikh has become a popular location for scuba diving as a result of its underwater scenery and warm waters. Other beach activities include snorkeling, windsurfing, kite-surfing, para-sailing, boating, and canoeing. Here are some of the best things to do and plaves to visit in Sharm el sheikh Egypt:

Day Trip to Saint Catherine’s Monastery

St. Catherine’s Monastery sits at the foot of Mt. Sinai, where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments.
One of the oldest working monasteries in the world, this Greek Orthodox hermitage is home to the famous “burning bush” of the Old Testament, as well as a museum showcasing some of the monastery’s glittering collection of religious icons and ancient manuscripts that is revered as one of the finest in the world.
The monastery is 209 kilometers northwest from Sharm el-Sheikh, within the Sinai’s barren mountainous interior. Group tours from Sharm are offered both as overnight trips, including the hike up Mt. Sinai for sunrise, and as early morning departures to just visit the monastery.

Climb Sinai Mountain

For a taster of this craggy landscape, head 209 kilometers inland from Sharm el-Sheikh to hike up to the summit of Mt. Sinai to see an expanse of orange-hued peaks rippling out before you.
Revered by all three of the major monotheistic faiths as the place where Moses received the 10 Commandments, the summit hike is a pilgrimage for many people (and usually combined with a visit to St. Catherine’s Monastery which sits at the trailhead for the hike).
There are two main trails up to the top. The Camel Trail is a well-worn switchback path, while the Steps of Repentance is a more difficult, but much more scenic, set of stone-cut staircases that was carved out by one of the monastery’s monks.
From Sharm el-Sheikh, most tours travel overnight to reach the trailhead in the wee hours of the morning so that the hike up the Camel Trail is completed in the cool, dark hours, and the summit is reached in time to watch sunrise over the surrounding peaks.

Ras Mohamed national Park

Surrounded by some of the world’s most incredible dive sites, this peninsula, 38 kilometers south of Sharm, is home to glorious beaches with excellent snorkeling just offshore, the world’s second most northerly mangrove forest, and a saltwater lake.
While diving trips concentrate on the offshore reefs, land-based day trips to Ras Mohammed explore the peninsula’s desert environment and its beaches with swim and snorkel stops along the way.
The best beaches are Old Quay Beach (with its top-notch coral reef easily reached from the shore) and Aqaba Beach.
Travelers seeking a good view should head to the Shark Observatory cliff top right on the southern edge of Ras Mohammed, where views stretch across both sides of the Red Sea.

Shark’s Bay

One of Sharm el-Sheikh’s newer resort development areas, Shark’s Bay sits 11 kilometers north from Naama Bay.
The vibe here is slightly more exclusive, with some of Sharm’s most luxurious five-star resorts and hotels clustered around Shark Bay’s sweep of sand.
As with Naama Bay, the beach areas are run by the individual hotels, which means facilities are well-kept and there are restaurants and cafés right on the sand. The snorkeling right off the shore, is also good here.
Behind the beach, the focus of Shark’s Bay life is the Soho Square Center, which includes some of Sharm el-Sheikh’s top restaurant and café choices, as well as shops. This means Shark’s Bay resort guests often choose to not move from this northern section of Sharm for their entire vacation.

Snorkel or Dive the Blue Hole

The Sinai’s most notorious dive site is the Blue Hole, just north of Dahab and 100 kilometers north from Sharm el-Sheikh.
This sinkhole’s infamy is due to the number of lives it has claimed, but all the deaths that have happened here are due to divers diving beyond the normal recreation diving limits. Despite the site’s reputation for danger, divers who stick within sensible limits are perfectly safe here, and the fish life and incredible vistas of ethereal blue below make this an incredibly beautiful dive.
As the Blue Hole can be accessed from the shore, it’s also a popular snorkeling spot, with plenty of fish life to see flitting near the surface if you don’t fancy heading into the depths.

Shopping at Sharm Old Market

Sharm Old Market (also known as Sharm al-Maya) is the town’s souq (bazaar) area, where twinkling Arabic lamps, traditional shisha pipes, and finely engraved woodwork can be found in abundance.
It’s best to come at sunset or later, when the worst heat of the day has dissipated, and you can shop and browse in comfort.
The area is full of cheap and cheerful restaurants and cafés as well, so it’s a good place to spend the entire evening.
This is one of the best areas in Sharm el-Sheikh to seek out classic Egyptian cooking, as the restaurants of the resort areas focus on more international fare. Head here for traditional café life complete with shisha and Arabic coffee as well.
On the edge of the market area is the new Al-Sahaba Mosque with an imposing facade that cherry-picks influences from Fatimid, Mamluk, and Ottoman mosque styles.

Day Trip to Dahab

Dahab, 90 kilometers north from Sharm el-Sheikh, is the Sinai’s backpacker beach resort and a chilled-out alternative to the holiday package feel of Sharm el-Sheikh.
The rocky shoreline here is lined with open-air cafés and restaurants, while a little shopping district winds its way up to the main highway in a jumble of souvenir shops.
There is some excellent diving and snorkeling here, with nearly all the local dive sites accessed from the shore, and most people who choose to base themselves in Dahab are here for a dive-centric vacation.
Dahab’s laid-back atmosphere, though, is also great for a day out from Sharm el-Sheikh.

Explore the Colored Canyon

The swirling mineral-rich layered rock formations of the aptly named Colored Canyon are one of the Sinai’s top out-of-the-water natural attractions.
The canyon, 177 kilometers north from Sharm el-Sheikh, is a showcase of the natural beauty of the desert, carved out of by millennia of wind and water whittling away the rock. There are plenty of opportunities for visitors to scramble along the canyon path accessing the rose-pink striped interior of the rock face.
For nature lovers, this is one of Sharm el-Sheikh’s top days out, and exploring the bizarrely shaped pinnacles and boulders, which have been brushed with shimmering red and orange hues offers up some fantastic photography opportunities.
Wear walking shoes with a decent tread if you want to visit, and bring along plenty of water.

Shopping and dinning in Sharm el sheikh

SOHO Square is more than a nice spot to dine and shop, and it goes beyond being a center for cultural exhibitions. With great fine dining locations, a plethora of nightlife options, and cultural events and entertainment programs, there is always something to keep you entertained at SOHO Square.

Another great shopping and entertainment center in Sharm El Sheikh is Genena City, with a large variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options to make your visit more exciting and fun.
For authentic and traditional souvenirs to remind you of the memorable experience you had at Sharm El Sheikh, there’s nothing like the old town and the old market. You’ll definitely find a suitable memorable gift from the old town of Sharm El Sheikh for anyone you promised back home.
Staying by the Red Sea also means biting down on tasty and delicious seafood, and there are plenty of seafood restaurants, including the highly praised Felucca Seafood Restaurant. Prefer some more familiar western flavor? You can find that at several spots throughout the city, too, and Hard Rock Café is just one of those popular spots not to be missed.

Sharm el sheikh hotels

Where to stay in Sharm el sheikh?

Sharm el-Sheikh is very spread out. Naama Bay is the center, Sharm Al-Maya is to the south, and Shark’s Bay is to the north. In general, Shark’s Bay is home to the most exclusive resorts, Sharm Al-Maya and Hadaba (between Naama Bay and Sharm Al-Maya) do mid-range and budget resorts, and Naama Bay has a mix of all three. Here are some of the best hotels in Sharm el sheikh:

Luxury Hotels in Sharm el sheikh:

  • In Garden Bay (between Naama Bay and Shark’s Bay) the Hyatt Regency has rooms overlooking the lush gardens that lead down to the beach.
  • Farther along the coast, in Shark’s Bay, the Four Seasons Resort Sharm el-Sheikh has plenty of Arabic styling in the rooms and a perfect strip of palm-tree-lined white sand.

Mid-Range Hotels in Sharm el sheikh:

  • Family-friendly Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa has palm-lined pools, multiple restaurants, and a fun animation team.
  • Movenpick Resort Sharm el Sheik his perched on the cliff-top overlooking the bay, with plenty of private beachfront and one of the best restaurants in town.
  • Xperience Seabreeze Resort in Shark’s Bay has good-value rates, sea views, large pools, and themed dinners.

Budget Hotels in Sharm el sheikh:

  • The best budget hotels are in the Naama Bay area and are very diver-centric, operating as dive centers as well as accommodation. Oona’s Dive Club Hotel is snug within the northern curve of the bay with beach access, a well-regarded dive center on-site, and neat rooms that all have balconies.
  • There are also a number of budget resorts in Naama Bay such as the Tropitel Naama Bay, which offers a large central pool area, good-sized rooms with balconies, and a small patch of beach.

Frequently asked questions about visiting Sharm el sheikh Egypt

What are the best tours in Sharm El sheikh?

What are the best tours in Sharm El sheikh?

Grand Safari including Snorkeling at the Blue Hole and a Camel Ride along the Gulf of Aqaba 5×1 Desert Adventure from Sharm El Sheikh Day Trip to the White Island & Ras Mohammed Mount Sinai Climb and St Catherine Tour from Sharm el Sheikh Full-Day Tour to Abu Simbel Temples From Aswan  

Which resorts in Sharm el sheikh are good for couples?

How much does it cost to stay in a resort in Sharm El sheikh?

How much does it cost to stay in a resort in Sharm El sheikh?

On average, a resort in Sharm El Sheikh costs $121 per night (based on prices).  

What are the best day trips from Sharm El Sheikh?

What are the best day trips from Sharm El Sheikh?

The best day trips from Sharm El Sheikh according to Tripadvisor travelers are: Mount Sinai Climb and St Catherine Tour from Sharm El Sheikh Sunrise at Mount Sinai. The trip from Sharm el Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh Desert Adventure (5X1) Mount Sinai Climb and St Catherine Tour from Sharm el Sheikh Full-Day Guided Tour to Alexandria with Lunch from Cairo by Car See all day trips from Sharm El Sheikh  

Is it safe to travel to Egypt

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

Egypt is nearly crime-free; as Lonely Planet notes, “The incidence of crime, violent or otherwise, in Egypt is negligible compared with many Western countries, and you’re generally safe walking around day or night.”

Is it safe to visit the Pyramids

Is it safe to visit the Pyramids?

Definitely safe to explore Cairo and visit the pyramids, especially while being accompanied with your guide. Here are some of the best tours to Pyramids:
Cairo day tour
Christian & Islamic Cairo

Is Egypt Safe for Americans to Travel to

Is Egypt Safe for Americans to Travel to?

We get this question a lot at Bastet Travel In short, Americans and other visitors can rest easy: yes, Egypt is a safe country for tourists. And the rest of the world seems to agree — after years of middling numbers, tourism in Egypt is steadily rising towards its former highs, hosting over 9 million sightseers in 2018. The longer answer is worth exploring, though, and we have some assurances to offer all our clients who join us on all of our Egypt Travel Packages.

Is Cairo safe to visit?

Is Cairo safe to visit?

Generally speaking, Egypt is a safe country to visit, especially if you’re going to the cities most frequented by tourists, such as Cairo, Alexandria, or the resort towns around the Red Sea.

What are the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt

What are the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt?

Egypt has so much for travelers to see and do, it’s the perfect country for a mix of activities combining culture, adventure, and relaxation. Find the best places to visit with our list of the top tourist attractions in Egypt.
  1. Pyramids of Giza
  2. Valley of the kings
  3. Luxor’s Karnak Temple
  4. The Egyptian Museum
  5. Christian and Islamic Cairo
  6. The White Desert and Baharyia Oasis
  7. Siwa Oasis
  8. Abu simbel Temples
  9. Aswan
  10. Alexandria
  11. St. Catherine’s Monastery
  12. The Nubian village
  13. Nile River Cruise
  14. Hurghada
  15. South of Sinai

What are the top attractions to visit in Sharm El Sheikh?

What are the top attractions to visit in Sharm El Sheikh?

The top attractions to visit in Sharm El Sheikh are: Ras Mohammed National Park SOHO Square Old Market Na’ama Bay Ras Um Sid See all attractions in Sharm El Sheikh  

How many days are enough to visit Egypt

How many days are enough to visit Egypt?

If you make the trek out to the Red Sea, plan to spend at least 2 full days there in order to get the most out of the journey. So if you tack on the Red Sea, that means you’ll be in Egypt for about 7-8 days total at least. Anywhere from 5-8 days is pretty typical for trips to Egypt, even all the way from North America.

What is the best Nile cruise in Egypt

What is the best Nile cruise in Egypt?

M/S Mayfair Cruise. Mövenpick Royal Lily Cruise. Mövenpick Royal Lotus Cruise. Ms. Concerto Nile Cruise Princess Sarah Nile Cruise Sonesta Moon Goddess. Oberoi Philae Nile Cruise. Oberoi Zahra Nile Cruise. Sonesta Star Goddess Cruises. M/S Esplanade Cruise. Nile Goddess Cruise.

How can I obtain my Visa to visit Egypt?

How can I obtain my visa to visit Egypt?

Visitors and travelers to Egypt are required to carry a passport valid for at least six months from their arrival date. However, in an effort to revitalize tourism in Egypt the following nationalities can purchase a 1-month entry visa on arrival. The Nationalities that benefit from the aforementioned exception are Australia, Canada, Croatia, the European Union, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, South Korea, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and The U.S.A. The Process for acquiring these entry visas is extremely simple and only takes a mere couple of minutes through any bank window before proceeding to customs.

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