Luxor private guided full day tour:visiting the east and west bank


Region: Upper Egypt Province     Population: 500,000

Luxor, Homer’s Thebes with the hundred gates, has an unbelievable wealth of monuments. This fact has always made it one of the centers of tourism in Egypt, and it has become a very well-tended city. The giant temple complexes of Luxor were part of the old Egyptian capital of > Thebes, which extended from here far to the north, beyond the temple of >Karnak and, with its necropolis on the western bank of the Nile, it reached far into the mountains of the Western Desert.

In recent years, Luxor, which lies on the right bank of the Nile in a wide depression, has been tidied up into an Egyptian »model city: large, sometimes elegant hotels, banks, travel agencies, and shops line the Corniche, the shore road which has space for walks in the lovely shade, where felucca captains compete for passengers with the cheapest prices and carriage drivers try to tempt them to a more comfortable mode of travel. Visitors standing in front of the temple ruins have a view of the Nile, the lush greenery of the fertile land on the opposite shore, and the majestic backdrop of the western mountains.

The present-day name of the city is derived from the Arabic »el-Ksur« (the palaces). It refers to the huge temple inside which parts of the town still stood at the end of the 19th century. North of Luxor

Visiting Luxor

Luxor Transport

Luxor by Flight

Luxor is served by Egypt Air and numerous charter airlines. From Luxor there are flights daily to Cairo, Aswan/Abu Simbel, flights several times weekly to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Airport information: Tel. (095) 237 32 94

EgyptAir (office in the Old Winter Palace Hotel) Tel. (095) 238 05 80

Luxor Railways

Several times daily: trains in the directions of Cairo and Aswan; at night, a comfortable sleeper car train travels this route, tel. (095) 237 2018

Luxor by Bus

Buses connect Luxor to all regions of the country (among others, Cairo, Hurghada, Aswan); the bus terminal is near the airport.
Information tel. (095) 237 21 18.

Luxor Pool Taxis

Without long waiting times, it is possible to take taxis at Maabad elKarnak St. in the directions of Cairo, Aswan, or Hurghada.

Luxor Ferry

25 minutes by car south of Luxor, there is a bridge to the west bank of the Nile. Alternatively, it is possible to cross to the west side of the Nile at a cost from LE50 with one of the motorboats which lie at the Corniche.

Luxor Nile Cruises

Last-minute bookings via Bastet Travel
Tel. 00201550191399

Luxor By air

Take a look at the magnificent scenery of the most amazing attractions of Luxor while ‎flying inside one of the Hot air balloons over Luxor in the early morning, Luxor hot air balloon is one of the best things to do in Luxor.  Tel. 00201550191399



Daily Life in Luxor

Luxor Event

August/September: Moulid Abul Haggag, major feast in the style of pharaonic times, in which a boat is carried in procession through the streets of Luxor. This tradition goes back to pharaonic times, to a feast which was held in honor of the goddess Opet.


Several hotels offer Nile trips, often with shows and entertainment. For bookings, Tel, 00201550191399


Luxor visitors are early risers. The nightlife outside the hotels is consequently limited;

The King’s Head Pub

Khaled Ibn Walid St.
Tel. (095) 237 1249
Popular »English pub« with darts and pool tables.

Pub 2000

Side street of Khaled Ibn Walid St., near Novotel Tel. (095) 23700 76

Always full, starting from happy hour good cuisine.

Luxor Hilton, Karnak
Tel. (095) 23749 33
The only casino in upper Eg-pt (roulette, blackjack). entrance only for non-Egyptians,  bring a passport.


Where to Stay in Luxor

  1. Luxury Hotels in Luxor 


    @ Sofitel Old Winter Palace

    Corniche el-Nil Street Tel. (095) 238 0422

    The former royal residence delights guests with its well-kept old-fashioned atmosphere and extensive, idyllic gardens with palms, cacti, and a small aviary. An oasis shielded from the noise of the city with a pool and tennis courts.

    @ New Winter Pavilion Palace Corniche el-Nil Street, next to its sister hotel, the Old Winter Palace Tel. (095) 238 04 22

    Very pleasant rooms. The swimming pool lies in the former royal park of the Old Winter Palace.

  2. Mid-range hotels in Luxor

@ Maritim Jolie Ville

Luxor Island Resort Crocodile Island Tel. (095) 23748 55

Beautiful accommodation on a Nile island at the center of a small botanical garden, good food, and service.

@ Swiss Inn Luxor

Maabad Luxor St. 10

(095) 238 0721, fax 237 51 Central and nevertheless quiet, behind the Luxor temple, pool. Friendly atmosphere.

3-Budget hotels in Luxor

@ Nefertiti Hotel

Tel. (095) 237 23 86
Popular with backpackers, wonderful view from the roof terrace.

@El Gezira Hotel & Gezira Gardens

Thebes, West Bank Tel. (095) 231 OO 34

Two very popular hotels (rooms and apartments) with a beautiful Nile terrace and a pool. Roof terrace restaurant with good food.

@ Desert Paradise Lodge

Tel./fax. (095) 231 30 36

Friendly country lodges away from the tourist crowds but still close to the Theban antiquities.

Nile River Cruise
Nile river Cruise
Nile River Cruise
Luxor Tours
Nile River Cruise
Luxor tours

Where to Eat in Luxor

Expensive Restaurants in Luxor

1- 1886 Restaurant

Old winter Palace, Corniche
Tel. (095) -‘3S0422
Very good restaurant, genuine dinner atmosphere. French-influenced cuisine is served with candlelight and piano music. It is essential to make reservations in time.

2-  Miyako

Sonesta St- George Hotel, Corniche el-Nil
Tel. (095) 2382575
Something different: Japanese cuisine in Upper Egypt. Excellent food.

Moderate Restaurants in Luxor

3- Bombay Restaurant

Side street of Khalid Ibn al St., near Novotel, beside Pub 2000

Indian curries, lamb, varied menu.

4- Malqata Art Palace

Thebes, west Bank, Tel. (095) 231 1488

This gallery restaurant lies over coffee shops and pottery workshops. Guests eat and drink surrounded by historic photos and watercolors with West Bank motifs.

Inexpensive restaurants in Luxor

5- Green Palace

Karnak Temple St. Tel. (095) 237 35 94

Egyptian food, Lebanese hors d’oeuvres, steak and pizza everything excellent.

6- Restaurant Mohamed

Thebes, West Bank.  Tel. (095) 231 10 14
Simple Fgvptian food; picnic trips into the desert or in a felucca are also organized, book 1—2 days in advance on mobile tel. (012) 385 02 27.

Dinner at Nile Cruise
Dinner at Nile Cruise
Drinks at Nile Cruise
Luxor day tour from Aswan

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